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Back to You

Book One in Fearless Sons of Erin and the Time Traveler Series 

Dark Time Travel/Historical Romance


A time traveler.
A roguish Irish immigrant.
And a nation on the brink of war.
Will Emilia and Thomas be able to work with one another to save her friend?
Follow them on this harrowing journey, full of suspense, morally-grey men, quirky women, and a love that might defy time.

Available for order!


Book Cover 2.jpg

The War Between Us

Book Two in Fearless Sons of Erin and the Time Traveler Series

Dark Time Travel/Historical Romance


The War Between Us follows your favorite characters through the Civil War while others face unforeseen adversaries on the homefront.

Releases Spring 2024!

TWBU Cover.jpg

Fighting Fate

Second Chance Romance (WIP)

Release TBD

Fighting Fate Cover.jpg

When Darkness Calls

Fallen Kingdoms Trilogy (WIP)

Dark Fantasy 

A lost heir.

A kingdom forgotten.

Annaliesse spent her whole life trying to be normal.

But being a daughter of Adam with the blood of a fallen, she will have to choose.

Take back her kingdom,

or let evil win.

Release TBD

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