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Tara Nolan's Biography

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Hello, fellow readers!

Thank you so much for visiting. Writing has been my passion since I watched the movie Spirit (Yes, the kid movie. I was eleven!). The determination and soul of that horse, the way he never gave up when the world wanted to break him, greatly impacted me. When I went home, I picked up a journal and wanted to start a novel.


I waited to start writing, even thought of moving to Montana to get my degree in equine science instead. But, through it all, I never strayed too far from my stories and in the end, I pursued my love of writing!


It was my senior year of high school when I plotted my first novel, When Darkness Calls, the first book in the Fallen Kingdoms Trilogy. I decided against a small deal with it because of different circumstances, and I am so glad I did because I might be (cough, cough) re-writing it! I put it on hold when I went to college. I'm excited to tackle it next; the plot has grown so much, and the twists and turns my younger self didn't see have me practically biting at the bit (no pun intended)! 


I would have continued my first novel if it wasn't for the inspiration in my Civil War class to write Back to You--a dark historical romance filled with time-travel, romance, and the hardships of the time. Who could refuse a morally grey Irishman? Once he ensnared me, there was no turning back!


When I'm not writing, you can find me wrangling my three children (and, possibly, husband), watching too much Supernatural, or with a book and coffee in hand. I have always dreamed of traveling the world, and I try to go somewhere new every chance I can! It must be the historian in me.

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