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Tara Nolan

Dark Time Travel Romance

                & Fantasy Author

Dry Roses and Diary
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New Release

Back to You

A time traveler.
A roguish Irish immigrant.
And a nation on the brink of war.
Will Emilia and Thomas be able to work with one another to save her friend?
Follow them on this harrowing journey, full of suspense, morally-grey men, quirky women, and a love that might defy time.

Available for order.

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About Tara Nolan

I was born and raised sandwiched between the Great Lakes, where I have dwelled in the Mitten state ever since. I occupy a house with my three gremlins, a husband whom I've known since the first grade, and various creatures. Being an avid reader my whole life, I knew I wanted to write a story, but I only took it seriously in my senior year of high school. I put that novel on pause while attending college and wrote short stories and poetry before finally starting Back to You.

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